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Please click here to view the presentation from the recent E-Safety evening.


Also, please click here or on the picture to download a quick guide/checklist you can print out.

Please click here or on the picture to view a guide to E-Safety from CEOP - a link to CEOP can be found at the bottom of this page.

Keeping our children safe on line is a constant battle as they are surrounded by technology that is so sophisticated: smart phones, laptops, ipads, gaming consoles etc. Students are taught how to stay safe at school and the vast majority heed the advice. Vodafone has an annual “Digital Parenting “ magazine which is filled with advice and information for parents so that they can try and keep up with the technological trends that their children are involved in. You can access these magazines by following this link:

Additional Info for All Adults!!

Are your settings locked down, have you followed all the advice given with regards to yourself?

This info (click here) was gathered about a teacher at Harlington in less than 30 mins - and has been published here with his permission (certain info removed). 

Are you certain that your information is secure?