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Harlington Upper School

GCSE Hospitality & Catering

Hospitality and Catering Examination Board: WJEC Syllabus 4730

Why chose Catering GCSE?

Aims of the course:  This course is an introduction to the Catering Industry and gives students the opportunity to develop a wide range of practical skills.  Students are required to plan, cook and evaluate recipes starting with quite simple dishes such as crepes and scones and then progressing to more complex recipes including choux pastry and a two course meal cooked to restaurant standards.

As well as a high practical content the course covers the following areas of study

·               The industry – food and drink.

·               Job roles, employment opportunities and relevant training.

·               Health, safety and hygiene.

·               Food preparation, cooking and presentation.

·               Nutrition and menu planning.

·               Costing and portion control.

·               Specialist equipment.

·               Communication and record keeping.

·               Environmental considerations.

Practical work is compulsory and students will be required to provide ingredients to cook EVERY WEEK.  Students will be encouraged to purchase a catering uniform (a jacket, apron and hat) which must be brought to practical lessons.  This can be purchased from the school for approximately £20 including recipe book.

Textbook to be used for theory work    

Hospitality and Catering for GCSE Second edition (In school (£18.99))

Judy Gardiner and Jacqui Housley
Hodder education
ISBN 978-340-98682-0

School will sell revision guide at cost of approx £7 to students

My revision notes - Hospitality and Catering

Judy Gardiner
Hodder education
ISBN 978-1-4441-5389-7


Practical Controlled Assessment 60% (20%in year 10 and 40% in year 11)

Written Exam 40%: One written paper of 1hour 15 minutes.