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Harlington Upper School

Year 9 Enrichment Options



This module of work was originally based on the Government Initiative ‘Licence to Cook’ to help improve the diet of teenagers and stem the increase in obesity from eating an unhealthy diet. It has evolved over several years and provides the following opportunities:

  • Students have hands-on experiences with food, i.e. practical cookery
  • To learn about and gain confidence in basic food hygiene and preparation skills
  • To learn about healthier eating through practical food work
  • To apply simple budgeting skills to food choices
  • To work independently and in small groups to develop a wider understanding of different groups of people with dietary needs
  • To become a better informed consumer.


Product Design: Resistant Materials / Graphics

This is a practical course that will allow students to make products in various materials (wood, plastic, card and electronics) in a workshop/design environment.  Students will be given the opportunity to use various tools and equipment including the Laser engraver/cutter. Opportunities will also be provided to develop and enhance your design skills as well as using Information Communication Technology to present your design concepts (ideas).



This is a practically based course:

  • Students will experience new technologies such as sublimation printing and CAD/CAM as well as traditional decorative techniques and processes.
  • Construction techniques including seams and pockets will be taught to enable students to make quality products.
  • Students will use tools and equipment safely, accurately and efficiently and match materials and components with the relevant equipment and processes.