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Harlington Upper School


Drama Subject Leader: Mrs C Maiello / Mrs R Gibbs

Year 9

Every student in Year 9 follows courses which are tailored to the criteria set by the National Curriculum and the Arts Council.  Year 9 can follow two courses, one curriculum and one enrichment.



The core curriculum course allows the students to explore a range of social, historical and cultural issues through the medium of drama.  They will be required to utilize a range of skills, acting, directing, problem solving and team building.  They also have the opportunity to evaluate their work and the work of others in a range of formats. 



The enrichment drama course for Year 9 develops thinking, speaking and listening, reading, writing and critical analysis through emotional and imaginative engagement. 


It differs from the main curriculum in that the students have the opportunity to choose their own path.  This enrichment course offers the opportunity to develop acting and directing skills.  Students will engage with a range of texts and acting practitioners.


Students will have the opportunity to go on trips, such as to the Harry Potter experience at Warner Brothers Studios or a theatre trip to the West End.



Year 10 & Year 11      GCSE Drama

Who should choose this subject?

  • Students who are interested in performing themselves and watching professional actors performing plays at the theatre.
  • Students who want the opportunity to develop social and communication skills and to learn about the art of performance.
  • Students who are committed to working closely with others and using their creative ideas.


What will be studied? 

Students will have opportunities to develop:

  • Creative and imaginative powers and practical skills for communicating and expressing ideas, feelings and meanings in drama.
  • Investigative, analytical, experimental and interpretative capabilities, aesthetic understanding and critical skills.
  • Understanding of drama forms and awareness of contexts in which they operate.
  • Knowledge and understanding of drama within a social, cultural and historical context.

For specific information on Drama GCSE see the Options Booklet under Information for Year 9 Students in the Curriculum menu.



Visit the Sixth Form Curriculum pages for more information on AS and A2 Drama & Theatre Studies.


School Show - December 2014 ' Hairspray'