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Harlington Upper School

BTEC/GCSE - Engineering

GCSE Engineering - Current Year 10 and subsequent years

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to develop skills and understanding which will be of use generally and as part of a progressive career path leading to further technical or academic engineering qualifications. In Year 10, students will complete 4 mini GCSE projects where the content of the Controlled Assessment is addressed. This oppourtnity will they provide a foundation to the Controlled Assessment project which is completed in Year 11 and worth 60% of their final mark. This reflects the importance of practical work within this subject. Alongside the mini GCSE projects, students will be taught the theory content of the course which will embed their technical knowledge. The theory exam is worth 40% of their final grade.


BTEC First Certificate in Engineering - Current Year 11 - 2015/16 only

This is a two year course that combines traditional making skills with up to date manufacturing techniques that involve the use of computer skills. The course is delivered through practical making tasks that allow you to develop skills, however the evidence for assessment is collected through four units of knowledge that are broken down into detailed tasks that allow the learner to demonstrate understanding at the following levels: Pass, Merit and Distinction.

Although the early units deal with traditional making skills, the later units address computer designing and making skills that will form an essential introduction to today’s engineering environment and form a foundation for further studies.