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We study the past in school, not because students need to know a collection of old facts, but because history helps us to understand how the world works and how human beings behave.  Knowledge and understanding of the past is needed for an understanding of the present and preparing for the future.  At Harlington we believe ‘that what happened then matters now'.

The best of all reasons for studying history is simply that it is interesting, important and enjoyable.  The subject is not only interesting in itself, but teaches invaluable skills and approaches relevant to your future career.  In an age when employers are often more interested in what grades you obtain (as an indication of your ability and skills rather than the specific subject you study), history offers you the opportunity to develop, practise and refine critical skills.  These skills are easily transferable to a range of other subject areas as well as history at AS and A2 level.  There are numerous career opportunities such as law, management, teaching, local government and other areas where you will be expected to think for yourself.

The GCSE course builds on the work you have been doing in Year 9 but introduces new topics to build on your historical knowledge and understanding. The course is varied and a balance is maintained between the types of tasks you will be required to complete.

We study the following areas:

Life in Germany c1919-c1945, the History of Medicine c1350 to the Present, the Transformation of Surgery c1845-1918 and the coursework module ‘Changes in Britain 1955-1975'.


For specific information on History at GCSE see the Options Booklet under Information for Year 9 Students in the Curriculum menu.


Visit the Sixth Form Curriculum page for information on AS and A2 History.