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RS Philosophy and Applied Ethics GCSE


With religious issues frequently in the news agenda, Religious Studies is a relevant, engaging and challenging subject.  RS gives students valuable insights into the diverse beliefs, ethics and opinions of Britain today.  It can help with the personal development of students, supporting engagement with the spiritual, moral, social and ultimate questions that can surface in their lives and communities. In tackling difficult questions, it provides students with insight that can work to challenge stereotypes, promote cohesion and tackle extremism. RS does important work encouraging young people to value themselves and become responsible citizens as it meets many of the requirements for Personal and Social, Health and Economic Education and for Citizenship.

Generally students following Learning Route A will complete the GCSE Short Course qualification which means that their qualification is equivalent to half a full GCSE. However, Route A students can complete the Full Course qualification in RS providing they are willing to complete additional RS work in twelve afterschool sessions that will take place after agreement with their teacher.

Students who follow Learning Route B will generally be expected to complete the GCSE Full Course qualification, equivalent to a full GCSE. .

The modules are:  Belief about Deity, Religious and Spiritual Experience
                              The End of Life, Good and Evil
                              Religion, Reason and Revelation
                              Human Relationships
                              Medical Ethics
                              Poverty and Wealth
                              Peace and Justice, Equality, The Media


For specific information on RS at GCSE see the Options Booklet under Information for Year 9 Students in the Curriculum menu.


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