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Harlington Upper School

Year 9

Design and Technology Core Curriculum


Students study modules of Food, Resistant Materials (Design and Construction) and Textiles, giving them an insight into what these subjects involve.



Healthy Eating for Teenagers
This module teaches students a range of basic practical cookery skills, alongside the theoretical concepts of healthy eating.  Practicals at the moment include coleslaw, fruit salad, jalousie, plate fruit pie or apple crumble, mince dish, swiss roll, and bread based pizza.













Design and Technology

Design and Technology; National Curriculum in Year 9 provides the students with the opportunity to build upon their design and practical skills developed Years 7 & 8. They work with various resistant materials and use ICT and various items of equipment.


The textiles module Is a colour project that involves learning and practically carrying out batik, tie and dye, stencil, and oil bars.