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Useful Websites for Languages

The following sites are useful to practise and reinforce the work that we do in class.  Most of them cover French, German and Spanish (and sometimes other languages as well) and give a learner a range of different activities that they can try.

As a school we subscribe to a number of sites which require a username and password for access; where necessary these are indicated and are available from your MFL teacher and can also be found on the School Student Drive.

(1)    username:  password:

A very useful site for KS3 and for reinforcement of vocabulary for KS4 for all the languages we study.

(2)   username: password:

This covers KS2, KS3 and KS4 and has a good games section marked S/P on the homepage. This covers all languages.

(3)   Account Id: password:

This takes you to the ZUT! website.
This covers all of the KS4 topic areas for French and has lots of useful exam practice.

On this website there is also a special German area – GUT!
You will need the login details:   Account Id: password:

This website also has a section that covers Spanish – ¡OYE! – the Spanish version is free.


This site covers the KS3 and KS4 topic areas and has lots of grammar exercises as well as games and activities.  Although it is linked to a course book for French that we don’t use, by hovering over the chapter title you can see what topic is covered in each section.  The German section is also good.


This site uses language at a more advanced level and is good for learners at KS5 as well as those taking higher level papers at KS4.


These sites contain sections offering various activities for learners at all Key Stages.


This site is for students aged 14-18 to enhance their discovery of French and German language and culture.
You can register and then as you work through the exercises it will keep a note of your results for you.


This site contains basic vocabulary practice games for all the languages studied at Harlington.  It also has activities for many other unusual languages as well.

(10)  username: password:
This site covers the KS3 and KS4 topic areas and has lots of grammar exercises as well as games and activities.