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Harlington Upper School

GCSE - Food Technology

The aims of this course are:

• To develop and improve practical cookery skills.
• To improve the students’ knowledge and understanding of the different uses of food as a material;
• To give students knowledge as to why food hygiene safety and storage are very important if people are to have safe food to eat;
• To have a better understanding of people’s nutritional needs and how these may vary according to age and dietary requirements;
• To have an understanding of the need for planning and organisation when carrying out food practical and project work.

Organisation of units of work in Year 10:

The main aims of the Year 10 course are to give the students a sound grounding in the subject, so that in Year 11 they can apply the knowledge and skills learnt to their coursework, which represents 60% of their final mark at GCSE.

At the beginning of year 10 students will be asked for a voluntary contribution towards the purchase of a textbook and workbook for theory and a recipe book for practical lessons. The majority of ingredients will need to be purchased and brought in from home, along with suitable containers for practical lessons.

Theory aspects include:

1.  Food Safety and Hygiene theory, with basic skill practicals
2.  Nutrition and Practical Skills
3   Commodities
4.  Preservation, packaging and labelling
5   Mini Project to introduce some of the skills needed for coursework
6   Production methods
7   Methods of cooking
8   Exam preparation

(Students who take this course should not opt for GCSE Textile Technology or GCSE Hospitality & Catering as well).

For further details, see Mrs Martin in the Food & Textiles area.